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Ravenstonedale DNA project

Ravenstonedale DNA project

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the article and data that initiated the Ravenstonedale  project


our project page on the Family Tree DNA website

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3. More about our yDNA results

The latest detailed yDNA results are shown on the main Results page, and will be updated each time a new set of results is received.


Three of the Adamthwaite results belong to Haplogroup E and are close enough to be confident that the three lines do share a common ancestor who would have lived within a genealogical time frame (though we have not yet identified him). Family Tree DNA’s TiP report suggests a 99% probability of a shared ancestor who lived with 24 generations and a 78% probability within 12 generations.


The remaining Adamthwaites, the Swinbanks, Fothergills and Fawcett results are all in Haplogroup R.  The two Swinbank results, the three Fothergill results and two pairs of Adamthwaite results show a high level of matching (in the case of the Adamthwaite pairs, this confirms written research).

However, although none of the results for different family lines match each other, there are some interesting distant connections.  The following matrices show the probability of a shared ancestor within 24 generations for both R and E Haplogroups :

tip matrix thumb jun 2015

This diagram is quite a bit out of date!  I will try to produce a recent version soon.

click to open pdf document of this chart

Deep ancestral origins of the y Haplogroups in our project to date

As well as providing evidence of links between different individuals within a genealogical time frame, DNA testing also provides information about a person's Haplogroup.  Much scientific research has resulted in an clearer understanding of the routes by which holders of the different Haplogroups migrated from the 'cradle of humanity' in East Africa, and the timing of their likely arrival at the eventual place of settlement.





















To date, three of our yDNA testers belong to the E3b Haplogroup and all the rest to the R1b Haplogroup.  Family Tree DNA provides the following Migration Maps for these groups:

  • Migration map for R Haplogroup - Haplogroup R journeyed into Europe from Central Asia about 25,000 years ago, then spread and multiplied  until its lineages can be found throughout Europe where many sat out the last Ice Age in Southern France.  It is particularly frequent around the Atlantic coastal areas of Western Europe and the Western parts of Ireland and Britain.

  • Migration map for E Haplogroup - Haplogroup E had its origins in East Africa where it spread amongst the North and West African populations, then to the Middle East about 20,000 years ago.  From there it moved into Europe from the Mediterranean.  Only a small percentage of Britain's population belongs to this group and there are various theories as to how they arrived - see the article on Wikipedia about this haplogroup

yDNA haplogroups map thumb

click to view a large map showing the routes taken by the different y haplogroups out of Africa, with a key showing how many thousand years ago each group evolved.  

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