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the article and data that initiated the Ravenstonedale  project


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Ravenstonedale DNA project

Ravenstonedale DNA project

BECK family of Artlegarth, 1696-1952

BACK ROW: John, George Morland, Edward, Septimus, Robert Scott

FRONT ROW: Henry, Henry senior (father), Octavius, Agnes Scott (mother), Christopher



Henry senior is also pictured below, looking very splendid in his trap, but perhaps  the motor car in the next photo belonged to one of his sons?

Henry & Family

The Becks who were at Artlegarth are descended from the Becks who lived in the Kendal area from the early 1500s.  These ‘Kendal’ Becks lived at Stricklandgate, Stramongate, Highgate, Bradley Field, New Hutton, Kirkland, Hay, Docker to name a few places.


On the marriage of John Beck(e) to Elizabeth Adamthwaite in 1696 they moved to live at Artlegarth and some members of the Beck family continued to live there until 1952.


There are many members of the Beck family buried at St Oswald’s church in Ravenstonedale.


There were BECKs living at Artlegarth for over 250 years - this image shows one of the more recent BECK families:  Henry Beck (1821-1897) married Agnes Scott in 1853 and they had eight sons.  

Artlegarth farmhouse
Ravenstonedale Becks
Riggs at Artlegarth original

Above: This photo which was also taken at Artlegarth shows several members of the RIGG family and is known to include Mrs Sarah Rigg, Mrs Mary Beck, Mr & Mrs R Wharton and family, John S Rigg, Miss Margaret Rigg. However, we are not at all sure who everyone is, perhaps a Ravenstonedale member may be able to help identify some of the individuals?


The photo was found as a backing piece of cardboard to a framed picture of Alan and his brother as children!





The final two photos below, show wider views of Artlegarth (I think the first shows the rear of the building?)


Other names associated with the Beck families are as follows-

Gregson, Morland, Scott, Shaw, Hewetson, Hunter, Chapman, Bell, Dent, Fawcett, Fothergill, Hogg, Jackson, Knewstub, Rigg,Milner, Eglin, Steadman, Robinson, Whitell


Alan wishes to emphasise that he cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information recorded on this page, as it was drawn from a variety of sources over many years.  In particular, dates of birth and death may be inaccurate.

Alan does hold a great deal of more recent data about the Beck family - please forward any queries via the contact form.

Click the image to open a larger copy of the Beck family chart below

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