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the article and data that initiated the Ravenstonedale  project


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click to open a larger image of Jeanette's chart showing connections in her own ancestry with other Ravenstonedale families

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Ravenstonedale DNA project

Ravenstonedale DNA project

Bradberry Family

Jeanette has sent us the story of her BRADBERRY ancestors - it is in two parts and I suggest that you read part 1 first, which begins with Jeanette's beautifully written recollections of her grandmother - Grandma Jackson (pictured left), born Maggie Bradberry in Ravenstonedale in 1888.  The story unfolds with the details Jeanette gradually discovered about her family's origins.


Over time, Jeanette learns more about her ancestry and uncovers connections with numerous other Ravenstonedale families: Thompsons, Hewetsons, Aldersons, Kirkbride and also the places in Ravenstonedale where they lived - Stennerskeugh, Lythside, Street Farm, Greenside and nearby towns and villages in Swaledale.

Two of her most evocative finds, are sound recordings of Jack Bradberry's reminiscences (Jack was Maggie's youngest brother, born in 1904).  The first of these was recorded in 1987, and is available on this page of the website (along with a number of other sound and text interviews which you should check out!  Jack was 83 when this recording was made, and the qualityof the recording is variable so you have to listen carefully, but he mentions lots of local people and where they lived, with little nuggets of information about each of them.  It sounds as if Jack was looking at photographs of places in the parish with the interviewer:  how I'd love to be able to see them at the same time. (This recording lasts 41 minutes so make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea before you start!)

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click to download a pdf of Part I

click to download a pdf of Part II

Street Farm

This photo of Jack Bradberry was taken by David Williams at Otter Keld, after Jack retired from working at the farm at Stennerskeugh

Street Farm

Jeanette has sent a second recording of Jack talking on a local radio programme.  The date is uncertain, as well as the origin of this recording! But Jeanette received it from Frank Chalmers, along with a lot of other helpful information. It is an absolute delight to hear all his recollections of growing up in Ravenstonedale.  Click the MP3 file above the image to hear Jack talking on a local radio programme about his childhood.

(Note: this is an mp3 file and should open with whatever sound software you have installed on your device: although it opened fine on my pc and phone, it wouldnt work on my iPad) - another cup of tea required while you enjoy more of Jack's memories!


If anyone else has recordings of their Ravenstonedale ancestors talking about their memories, please do share them with us.

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