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Ravenstonedale DNA project

Ravenstonedale DNA project

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the article and data that initiated the Ravenstonedale  project


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FOTHERGILL - part of Brownber 'B' branch

There were a number of Fothergill families living in Ravenstonedale up to the early 20th century, though discovering how they may have connected together is a major task.  So to start with, here is the first of what I hope will be a number of FOTHERGILL pages.


The outline chart below shows the family of John and Richard Fothergill - who I believe were brothers, and who were both living at Brownber in the 1841 census.  John was aged 70 and was a Corn Factor and Richard was 60 and a farmer.  Richard appears to have four children aged between 15 and 30 living at home at this time.  I have drawn up the following chart from censuses, GRO information, wills/probate records and burials at St Oswalds or the nonconformist chapels - though I was unable to locate either John or Richard in the Ravenstonedale Parish Registers (I have access to transcriptions up to 1812 but neither seems to appear). I have also referred to the 'Brownber B' chart from the late Richard Fothergill's books 'The Fothergills; a first history', published in 1998 (there was also a follow up volume published in 2001).

SW Fothergill chart

click on the link to open a larger image of this branch of the Fothergills

Member Sibella, has provided some great photos and background information about this line - the image of the painting on the right is believed to be Richard Fothergill, but she says it could also be Richard's son-in-law Stephen Brunskill (though it is definitely one of her ancestors!)


It is known that one of Richard's sons, William (~1820-1847) was also a cornfactor like his uncle and in the 1841 census he was following this trade in London.  However, at some point he sailed to Madeira, where he died - but he named his father Richard, who lived in Ravenstonedale as his sole Executor.  Wiliam appears on the grave of his parents along with four siblings in St Oswald's churchyard.


Sibella also send in some charming photos of her Brunskill ancestors:

Richard or Stephen Fothergill enh
Fothergill 2 enh
Fothergill 3 enh

Left: Stephen and Phoebe Brunskill at Hill Top farm in Kendal with their four children plus friends.  Below: Stephen and Phoebe with their only surviving child Mary Frances Fothergill Coulthard and her daughter Phoebe Mary Cicelly.

Sibella says, "At one time Stephen and Phoebe lived at Sand Aire (or Area) House in New Road in Kendal and later lived at Hill Top Farm.  They had three daughters called Phoebe, Cicilly and Mary.  Phoebe and Cissie both died as single young women of undiagnosed diseases (probably cancer).  The only son was called Richard and I was told he was an alcoholic who died, in exile, on Madeira! - This seems very odd as I now know that his uncle had died in MAdeira.  I wonder if he was an alcoholic too.  My grandmother Phoebe Mary Cicilly Coulthard (married name Tyacke) who was born in India in 1892 and died in London in 1969, certainly was!"

Brunskill photoes Hilltop House

The photo to the left shows Hill Top Farm at New Hutton near Kendal, which later became a boarding school named Holme Park School but has now been redevelped into luxury housing.  Coincidentally, Phoebe's brother Thomas also lived at a farm called Hill Top, but his farm was in Ravenstonedale!

Do you belong to one of the FOTHERGILL branches which originated in Ravenstonedale? ... if you would like your branch included in our Ravenstonedale project, please contact me, providing as much information as possible on the CONTACT FORM (link on top menu)

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