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Ravenstonedale DNA project

Ravenstonedale DNA project

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the article and data that initiated the Ravenstonedale  project

our project page on the Family Tree DNA website

How to join the Project

Participants in the DNA Project MUST provide the Project Administrator with a documented paper trail to an ancestor who lived in Ravenstonedale BEFORE 1800.

  • For yDNA tests, this must be through the direct paternal line

  • For mtDNA tests, this must be through the direct maternal line

  • For Family Finder tests, this can be any direct ancestor


If you hold one of the surnames listed on the FAMILIES page and have genealogical evidence showing that your oldest ancestor came from north-west England, please contact me with all the relevant information and I will do my best to check whether there is any record of them in the Ravenstonedale parish registers or other parish records.  


If you have already had your DNA tested with Family Tree DNA as part of a surname project, a haplogroup project or another geographical project, AND you meet the criteria specified above, you are welcome to join this project too. There is no limit on the number of projects you can join. Just log in to your personal page on the Family Tree DNA website, and click on JOIN PROJECTS.  If your surname is one of those listed below, you will automatically see the link to the Ravenstonedale Project, if not you will find the project listed under 'Dual Geographical Projects'.  As this is a closed group, you will need to complete the request form with the relevant information about your connection to Ravenstonedale.


New participants can order either a 37 marker y-DNA test (to learn about their direct paternal line), an mtDNA test (to learn about their direct maternal line) or a Family Finder test (to learn about their genetic cousins and their deep ancestral origins). To benefit from a Group Project discount, visit our project page at Family Tree DNA (link on the left) to see if there is a voucher offering a saving.  Enter the relevant code on your order form.  You will also need to submit full details of your connection to Ravenstonedale before we can accept your Join Request.  


If you are interested in the Project, but do not wish to participate yourself in the DNA aspect, you can still join in by providing further information about your early Ravenstonedale ancestry. Eventually, I hope to include a separate page for each Surname that is involved, containing details of the earliest holders of the surname and if possible descendancy trees showing when and how the surname migrated to other parts of the UK and the rest of the world.  Please contact me using the link on the left if you wish to contribute this sort of information for YOUR Ravenstonedale ancestry.


To discover more about what is involved, visit our page about DNA testing -  or you may like to follow the link on the left to the website of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy, or read the Wikipedia entry on Genetic Genealogy.  If you have any specific questions about this project, or would like some advice as to the most appropriate DNA test to buy, please do not hesitate to email me using the Contact link above.