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Ravenstonedale DNA project

Ravenstonedale DNA project

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the article and data that initiated the Ravenstonedale  project

our project page on the Family Tree DNA website

Display issues?

The web hosting company that I use, Moonfruit, have recently switched to a new editing software as the previous version used Adobe Flash which will be discontinued after December 2020.  I have no idea how the new software will work, so it may take me a while to update pages!!


When viewing the site on a mobile device, some pages suffer from blocks of text/images overlapping - this is a recent problem that I have not managed to resolve, but hopefully the new editing software will help.  Generally, it is far better to view the site on a pc.


I have also recently noticed a problem with viewing pdf files.  Previously these opened in a new window so you could move between the main page and the spreadsheet, regardless of the device you were using.  Now if you are using a tablet or mobile, you may get a request asking you if you wish to download the file.  Click yes and you should see a 'down arrow' flashing top right of your screen which will lead to the pdf.  You will have to SAVE the file if you wish to refer to it again.  Users of PCs should continue to see the pdf in a new window.


If you discover any more problems in viewing pages on this website, please let me know using the contact details shown on the left.